[Pmwiki-users] Bug in Refcount

slonik AZ slonik.az
Wed Dec 22 06:13:15 CST 2004

I think I found a bug in how  ?action=Refcount displays the results.
To reproduce the bug:

1: bring up Refcount form by visiting, for example, the main Pmwiki site:

2: Choose "Show existing" and press Search button

3: The resulting page is a list of links to exisiting Wiki pages such
a PmWiki.PmWiki or
Main.WikiSandbox. Unfortunately, clicking those links leads you
nowhere. Browser will return "Page NOT found" error. This is because 
the links on Refcount results page point to non-existing pages with
very stange URLs like

I am using Firefox-1.0 but very likely the same thing will happen to
other browsers as well.

I would expect a Refcount results page to allow me to view the pages
that exist or to start edit pages that are missing.


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