[Pmwiki-users] (:noleft:) layout questions

Hans Bracker design
Wed Dec 22 13:52:16 CST 2004

Wednesday, December 22, 2004, 8:31:02 PM, Patrick wrote:
> Try:

>    function NoLeftBar() {
>      global $HTMLStyleFmt, $PageLeftFmt;
>      $PageLeftFmt = '';
>      $HTMLStylesFmt[] = "#main { margin:0; }\n";
>      return '';
>    }

>    Markup('noleft','directives','/\\(:noleft:\\)/e', "NoLeftBar()");

Just a wee typo in the above. put in the missing s after Style

It works a treat! thank you so much!

well at least it works on my machine
css layout styling seems to be quite tricky
to adapt to different browsers.
so it may be tables in the end... :(


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