[Pmwiki-users] RSS feed problems, search results

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Thu Dec 23 07:09:58 CST 2004

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 10:55:24PM -0500, Constantin Basturea wrote:
> 1. After adding an 'edit' password for one of my wikis in order to
> prevent wikispam, the RSS feeds of have stopped working. [...] 
> The site (http://www.thenewpr.com) is running pmwiki-1.0.13

I just tried getting an RSS feed from the site and didn't get one (I just
got the normal page)--I'm guessing you disabled RSS?  Normally the 
edit password shouldn't make a difference.  

Also, note that pmwiki-1.0.14 made a couple of fixes to rss, so maybe
upgrading would help.

> 2. I was wondering how can I include in a page the results of a search
> for (/ -"PmWiki" -"Profiles") by using (:searchresults:) on a site
> running on pmwiki-2.0.beta11.

If you're wanting to do exactly what it says -- i.e., display all pages
that do not have either "PmWiki" or "Profiles" in the text, then it's
just  (:searchresults -"PmWiki" -"Profiles" :).

But if you're wanting to display all pages that are not in the PmWiki
or Profiles groups, you'll probably want to create a custom search list:
In config.php:

    $SearchPatterns['nopp'][] = '!^(PmWiki|Profiles)\.!';

Then in the markup, use one of (:pagelist list=nopp:) or 
(:searchlist list=nopp:).

If you're wanting this to be the default for all searches/page listings, 
use 'default' instead of 'nopp':

    $SearchPatterns['default'][] = '!^(PmWiki|Profiles)\.!';

This is somewhat described at 
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/SearchResults, although the description
could probably use some improvements.


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