[Pmwiki-users] How retain exact link spacing (& capitalization?) in header/trail, but no wikiwor

John Rankin john.rankin
Thu Dec 23 12:14:50 CST 2004

On Friday, 24 December 2004 6:03 AM, Mike Harris <Mike.Harris at epa.state.il.us> wrote:
>> If create link [[Test Page]], how get it to display in header/top of
>> page (trail?) with spacing retained (ex: Main / Test Page  or  Main
>> Test_Page), while not allowing wikiword spacing in body of
>Try this:
>1.  Turn on WikiWord spacing:   $SpaceWikiWords = 1;
>2.  Disable WikiWord links:     Markup('wikilink', '>urllink');
>No joy.  For now, I opted to go with disabling WikiWords via
>$LinkWikiWords==0 and then use the (:title:) command to override page
>title display where desired.

You might also have a look at

This will let you have a page called [[Apple iTunes]] or [[Novell NetWare]]
or [[Malcolm McLaren]] and titles 'just work'. It doesn't support names 
starting with a lower case letter though, for the reasons Patrick cites.

The big difference is that instead of replacing spaces with null, it
replaces them with _ then removes the _ on output. It also does its
best to treat WikiWord and Wiki_Word as synonyms.

If you try it, use a test site first, as you may not like the results...

(I'm going away to a beach with no internet access, but will be back
in early January if you have questions) 
John Rankin

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