[Pmwiki-users] Re: Re: PmWikiDraw and multiple editors?

mistyfire mistyfire
Fri Dec 24 15:44:40 CST 2004

I was wondering if LAYER's could be a better solution to multiple editor's 
problem? Though it might not be a complete one.

By LAYER I mean every client downldoads the drawing for editing and on top of 
it an "Invisible Drawing Layer" is created for the user to draw, having the 
same canvas size as the original drawing.

Please note that I am completely unaware of whether LAYER can be implemented 
in JAVA draw programme..... and I would humbly state that the following idea 
is only theoritical, me having no working idea of the PmWikiDraw.

I kinda got this idea from:
from how MS-Reader and some of the PDF readers that allow you to underline and 
highlight on the documents itself which is NOT stored on the original 

I have a rough idea as how this could potentially solve the multiple editors 
problem..Apart from whole new functionality this can lead into....
.. but not sure if LAYER functionality can be implemented or not.

V Krishn

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