[Pmwiki-users] New structure of Documentation?

Laurent Meister meister
Sun Dec 26 05:33:11 CST 2004

Hello everybody,

the german translation of the documentation is growing and growing. But 
we have now reached a point, where we discuss some aspects concerning 
the complete documentation. The main point is the structure of the 
documentation. There are a lot of things that are repeated on different 
sites. For example loog at "BasicEditing" and "TipsforEditing".

On IRC we talked last week about a new structure for the documentation 

* All About Wiki and PmWiki
** About PmWiki
** PmWikiPhilosophy
*  etc.
* Tutorials
** How to Install
** etc.
* detailed explication of all features and functions

* References (for those using pmwiki, but searching a directives or 
markups, without long explications)

What do you think about a structure like this?

Greets Laurent (kt007)

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