[Pmwiki-users] How do I make images align=right?

Nathan Jones pmwiki
Sun Dec 26 20:45:43 CST 2004

I'm using PmWiki2 to make a web site for my community theatre company,
and I'd like to have a news section with the option of displaying a photo
to the right of the news item.

In HTML, I could use:

<img align="left" src="photo.jpg"> -or-
<img align="right" src="photo.jpg">

..to make an image "float" to the left or right of the text that
follows. Is there any way I can achieve this with PmWiki? I guess I'd
also need a way to do a <br clear="all"> before starting the next news

I'd prefer to avoid tables, so as to keep the markup simple, in the
unlikely event that I can convince others to contribute to the site.

Alternatively, is there some CSS equivalent I can use to float images
next to a paragraph?

Nathan Jones (very grateful for any suggestions)

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