[Pmwiki-users] beta13 + Stopwatch

Knut Alboldt pmwiki
Tue Dec 28 09:36:27 CST 2004

$EnableStopWatch is not set to an default, so in my installation it's 
null when the page is called.
I use $StopWatch in my page template to display the timers.
Using Win2000, Apache 1.3.27, PHP 4.3.5

So I get some errors

a) the text "$StopWatch" is displayed on the bottom of the page, so the 
text is not replaced by blanks
b) function DisplayStopWatch can't loop thru array StopWatch (cause is 
null and not an array)

with the following constellation:

$EnableDiag=0 $EnableStopWatch=0 => error a)
$EnableDiag=0 $EnableStopWatch=1 => error a)
$EnableDiag=1 $EnableStopWatch=NULL or 0 => error b)

- Global $StopWatch should be set to "" by default (SDV).
- Global $EnableStopWatch should be set to "0" by default (SDV).
- if ($EnableDiag=1) ($EnableStopWatch=0)


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