[Pmwiki-users] (:noleft:) layout questions

Tom Holroyd tomh
Wed Dec 29 10:17:18 CST 2004

>         $HTMLStylesFmt['norm'] = "@import url(\$SkinDirUrl/myskin.css);\n";
> Entries in $HTMLStylesFmt[] are automatically placed into the header
> inside of <style ...> ... </style> tags.

Hmm.  It also puts them inside comments. <!-- -->  Older Mozilla 
builds wind up ignoring @import inside comments, but newer ones 
seem not to mind.

<whine>Why are there so many ways!?  Which one is right?</whine>

Seriously (as in, the opposite of jokingly; it's not like this is 
a serious issue), why the comments?

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