[Pmwiki-users] migration to pmwiki 2.0

Patrick Ogay lists
Wed Dec 29 10:18:59 CST 2004

I migrated a wiki to pmwiki 2.0 and it works o.k.

two questions for now:
 in the old version I had a doublebracket definition to a funktion which 
returns a date.
I didn't find out, how it's possible to define a function call in the 
new wiki (I read the chapter about  definition of tokens:-).

*Recent Changes
I realized that RecentChanges seems not correkt. My last mutation ist 
blug.HomePage, seems to be missing
other entries are at a wrong place. Pm2Sandbox 
<http://www.blug.ch/wiki?n=Blug.Pm2Sandbox> and others

kind Regards
Patrick Ogay

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