[Pmwiki-users] pmwiki 2.0 pre-populated page question

Bryant Durrell durrell
Wed Dec 29 12:55:19 CST 2004

I just migrated to 2.0; very smooth migration and I'm thankful for all
the work that's been done to make the upgrade easy.  I do have one problem
I can't figure out.  In the old Wiki, I had the following code in 

$SessionTemplatePage = '$Group.SessionTemplate';
if ($action=="edit") {
        if (strpos($pagename, "Session")) {
                $formpage = ReadPage(FmtPageName($SessionTemplatePage,$pagename)
                $DefaultPageTextFmt = $formpage['text'];

What it does:  every time I edit a new page that includes the string
"Session" in the title, the contents of Main.SessionTemplate is the
default text in the edit box.  (I have an ever-increasing series of
pages entitled Session1, Session2, Session3, etc, and I don't want to
retype the common headers and so on each time.)

I can't get this to work in 2.0.  The code in pmwiki.php looks like it
works the same way.  Any idea what I might be missing?

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