[Pmwiki-users] PmWikiDraw, new version now with clipart/symbol library integration.

Ciaran ciaranj
Fri Dec 31 04:56:24 CST 2004

I've recently had some spare time for a change :) So I've implemented
a feature I've been wanting to write for a long time: Symbol library

Symbol library integration means that a Wiki admin can keep a bundle
of regularly used and repeated drawings in one place that the
PmWikiDraw editor has access to and can allow users to choose
individual items from.  For example I've bundled the default
installation of PmWikiDraw with a simple 'flags' bundle.  This
contains a set of common flags that can be used in any of drawings. 
Once a symbol has been brought into the main drawing it becomes part
of that drawing and can be edited as any other element of the drawing
can be modified.

This to me is much much more useful that the image inclusion stuff as
you can change colours, modify the shape etc.

Hopefully other PmWiki users will contribute to these packages (either
directly through me or through the Cookbook pages and submit their own
packages (and/or) modifications to the current supplied packages.

A symbol package is quite simply a zip file with an xml manifest and a
set of .draw files.  (As Java is keen on calling its compressed
archives 'jar', the .zip file is actually renamed to a .jar)

The XML processor is very basic and assumes that the xml it sees is
well formed, so its quite easy to go wrong, but hopefully the errors
will point you in the right direction.  If anyone wants the XML format
specified then please let me know :)

As per comments welcome.  Demos available at 
and files available at

Happy Christmas  + New year to you all :) 

(Also in this release Images are now written to the draw file as
relative paths if possible so its possible to move drawings between
wikis, assuming that both wikis have the same images available)

- Ciaran

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