[Pmwiki-users] Author tracking questions

Jean-Claude Wiki
Sun Feb 1 01:25:52 CST 2004

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

>A few questions for the group:

>* What should be the limitations on author names?  So far I think
>  that at minimum we can allow letters, digits, hyphens, spaces, and
> underscores--basically the same as a freelink.  Is there anyone
>  that feels that limiting author names to this set is too restrictive?
>  Do we need to allow other characters such as periods and commas?

IMHO, no need for commas, but what about ??? etc, now that you made
this work in a jiffy?

>* What other items besides page revisions need to track/list authorships?

May I suggest "delete" action on pages?

>* What other author-related features should PmWiki support?  If author
>  names can be easily translated into FreeLinks then PmWiki could
>  automatically generate links to user pages (e.g., in a 'Users' WikiGroup).

I  certainely support this option!

>Note that I'm *not* planning to add author-based access controls anytime
>soon (although it ought to be possible to add a custom module for this), 
>and I'm postponing the issue of author authentication (i.e., verifying the
>identity of the author name) for the time being unless there are a 
>lot of people who think it's really important.

>Comments, suggestions greatly welcomed.  

1/ Is there a way to *oblige* the writer to fill in the box before PmWiki can 
save the page? At least to remind forgetting editors to give a name (or an alias
if they want to cheat ;-)

2/ Is the variable you use for writing this Author name available to the webmaster:
I'd like to include something along this line in my GroupFooter:
last edited by *[[$AuthorName]]* at [[$LastModifiedHost]]

Thank you,


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