[Pmwiki-users] Authors/Users WikiGroup?

John Feezell JohnFeezell
Tue Feb 3 10:44:34 CST 2004

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004 10:04:23 -0700, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> 

> Wow, what a thread.  :-)
> Rather than reply individually to the messages about wiki group names,
> I'll summarize my reactions and thoughts here.
> On what a "Users" group should be named:
> Creating a term is an terrific idea, and some of the proposals are
> quite good.  The one that first came to my mind was "Wikizens",
> along the lines of "citizen".  Wikipedia users call themselves
> "Wikipedians", so we could also do something like "Wikians".
> On the other hand, although PmWiki is indeed a wiki engine, I'm not
> sure I want the focus to be entirely on its wiki nature.  The real
> point of PmWiki is enable collaborative authoring and sharing of
> information via web sites, and wiki just happens to be a technology
> that seems to work well for this.  Standardizing on a term like
> "wikizen", "wikian", etc. somehow seems like it might place too much
> emphasis on the wiki nature of the system, which might not fit well
> with organizations that are simply looking for a way to manage
> web content and really aren't focused on being a traditional wiki.
> On the other suggested group names:
>    Contributors        good but perhaps too long
>    Person or Persons   I like "People" better--sounds more "together"
>    Names               an excellent suggestion
>    Human               might be giving some users too much credit  :-)
>    Partners            may be too strong or legalistic
>    Members             always seems to imply exclusivity to me
> I still don't have a strong feeling for or against any particular
> term that's been suggested, but this discussion is very helpful.
> Pm

Thanks for the positive feedback.

Thought I'd share the following.

I've beening working on a solution for collecting user information for my 
wikis.  I've settled upon the group Profiles.  Here are a couple of links 
that show the current status.  These links are using beta4.  They also use 
a form for data entry based upon FTS (also in flux to bring it to 
0.6.beta).  User beware.

The content of the form reflects the interest of the group using one of my 
wikis. Its contain and the information collected could be changed as 
desired by the administrator.

A profile and its content are voluntary.

The following URL is a directory listing.  Instructions for making an 
entry are given there.
Feel free to experiment if you'd like, make an entry, edit it, restore, 


A sample entry.  This one can be edited too.



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