[Pmwiki-users] pmwiki freezing @ save edits

Glenn Blalock gblalock
Wed Feb 11 11:56:45 CST 2004

Patrick can explain this more fully, perhaps, but I'm curious about
responses to this problem.

We have two pmwiki installations used heavily by teachers and students.
When the # of files in wiki.d approached 20,000, they started freezing (not
responding) when users tried to save edited pages.  The only fix, so far, is
to delete the .flock file in the wiki.d directory.  But that means someone
has to report the problem, and I have to be available to access the server.
Patrick has developed a 'fix' for this on one of our installations, but the
second installation just started exhibiting this problem yesterday (so I've
asked him for the magic fix again).  The second installation started balking
at about 21,000 files (it now has more than 23,000).

I'm not conversant with the technical aspects of this.  I just use pmwiki
extensively with teachers and students.  It has been a great tool, and we
have many faculty and students who are converts to the wiki way.  But I'm
beginning to lose some of those converts as this problem spreads.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or perhaps I should ask, does
anyone else have a wiki installation with 20,000 + files?  

glenn blalock

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> On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> > Sure thing.  Actually, it will have to go in sample-local.php, since
> > PmWiki doesn't ship with a local.php to avoid overwrites 
> when upgrading.
> > 
> > Also, sample-local.php has traditionally been distributed in the 
> > scripts/
> > directory--perhaps it should go in local/ instead?
> Since I didn't even know there was a script/sample-local.php 
> (which would 
> have been nice to use btw), I'd say that the current location 
> *sucks* :-)
> I'm a bit uncomfortable with putting it in local/ though... AFAIK, 
> updating pmwiki is supposed to *not* write into that directory?
> Here are some alternative locations:
>    1. local/sample-local.php
>    2. local/samples/local.php
>    3. examples/local.php  	
> actually, maybe #3 isn't so bad? 
> /Christian
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