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I have an automtic FAQ generation on (beta10 but it worked on 0.5 as well:


>From a list of V: ( Vraag=Question) it generates automaticly the index and
the <A NAME=> numbering.
Look at the source, no worries about the indexing it's done on the fly

I didn't get this in the cookbook yet.  Let know in case you would like the

Main problem is that the numbering of the questions will change as soon as
you insert a question. So the link
http://exoten.brambring.nl//wiki/Main/AlgemeenFaq#faq5 will point to the
right spot untill you insert a question above it. ( then is becomes faq6).


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I understand there is a [[toc]] tag in development for indexing and
linking to headings or FAQs down a page.

Does anyone have a working customization to allow something like this
with a 0.6beta version? Or is this code posted somewhere that I haven't

Having an anchor-linked toc would really boost the utility of my pages.
Also, I'm happy to help test potential cookbook code out.

I am a new user of pmwiki and love it so far. 0.6 version is lovely.
Thanks for your help.

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