[Pmwiki-users] Formatting problems

Nils Knappmeier nk
Thu Feb 19 03:47:24 CST 2004


I'm just setting up a site with version 0.6...
There seems to be a problem with the layout. I changed this in my 

   $PageLayoutFmt['wikititle'] = '<h1>$Title</h1>';
   $PageLayoutFmt['wikilogo'] = '<img src="/fsk/neu/pub/fsk.png">';
   $PageLayoutFmt['wikicmds'] =
     '<a href="$PageUrl?action=edit">Edit Page</a>'; # '<br><br><br>';

and this in my local.css

body { background-color:lavender; }
#wikilogo { background-color:lavender}
#wikileft { background-color:lavender; }
#wikileft h1 { background-color:lavender; }
#wikibody { background-color:lavenderblush }

And the result you can see in on

The wikitext appears behind the wikititle, not below. When I add three 
extra '<br>' to the wikicmds,
the text went down far enough to appear below the title.
I'm not really good at css, any masters out there?


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