[Pmwiki-users] Skins

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Sun Feb 22 00:40:30 CST 2004

Hi, Lee--

First, thanks for your excellent comments and for giving me another
layout to work on.  Based on your comments and the comments of others
I've redesigned the layout system to get rid of the complexity, and I 
need to see if this would've worked better for you and saved you 
days of banging your head against the code...

Instead of having separate layout variables, the entire page layout can
now be specified in a template file.  The main PmWiki site is now running
this new code, and you can see the layout files (both template and .css)
in their entirety at http://www.pmichaud.com/pmwiki/pub/skins .  
The files used for the PmWiki default layout is in the pmwiki/ 
subdirectory, and I recreated an "allcritters" skin based on your 
original URL using this new templated approach.

PmWiki performs a number of substitutions on the template file when
it's time to display a page.  In particular, $ScriptUrl becomes the 
URL to your copy of pmwiki, $Group is the name of the group, $Title 
is the page title, etc.  

The HTML comment <!--PageText--> marks where the page's wiki contents
are to be displayed.  In addition, the HTML comment 
<!--wiki:PetWiki.SideBar--> says to display the contents of the
"PetWiki.SideBar" page at that point in the HTML.

I can't think of much else to add at the moment, other than to ask
if you think this approach (along with sufficient documentation) would've
gotten you to your desired destination in a reasonable timeframe?

Thanks again for your excellent feedback, your patience, and for
not abandoning PmWiki (you spent longer at it than I would've!).


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