[Pmwiki-users] Re: Skins

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Sun Feb 22 13:27:53 CST 2004

On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 09:11:56PM +0100, Christian Ridderstr?m wrote:
> > It is *extremely important* to the overall success of PmWiki that the
> > layouts be easy to customize, and the comments you all are sending are
> > very important to me, because what I'm hearing is that this is not
> > currently the case.
> <joke>I played Civilization (the board game!) today --- I won :-) --- so I 
> just have to ask: Is the plan to have PmWiki take over the "world"? ;-)
> </joke>

Of course.  What other plans would there be?  ;-)

> Ok, seriously. What is the target "audience" for PmWiki, i.e. how "savvy" 
> are the administrators (and users?) supposed to be? Is it ok to require 
> for them to know PhP? Or just some basic programming skills?

First, see PmWiki.Audiences.  My primary target audience is people who
are interested in using wiki technology for (collaboratively) building 
and maintaining web sites.  It's probably good if they know HTML, but
I don't think someone should have to be too familiar with PHP or CSS
to make things work.  Getting someone to set PHP configuration variables
in a file is probably okay, getting them to navigate or understand
anything more complex than an if-then statement is probably not.

However, I think the new template-based approach solves a lot of the
difficulty issues.  I've prototyped a few more layouts using the new
scheme and really like it--it makes development and testing really easy.


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