[pmwiki] [Pmwiki-users] Templates and variables: a thought

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Thu Feb 26 18:58:25 CST 2004

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 08:33:06PM -0500, Bronwyn Boltwood wrote:
> Here's a start/end syntax for you:
> start		<!--PageHeaderFmt-->
> end		<!--/PageHeaderFmt-->

I don't mind something like <!--/PageHeaderFmt-->, as long as it doesn't
imply that sections nest (they don't and I probably don't want to go there),
and that any closing tag would work.  I.e., someone could do


and PmWiki would treat the /PageFooterFmt as the end of the PageHeaderFmt

One other nastiness about this ending tag stuff, regardless of the chosen
syntax, is that in a template like the following (somewhat simplified 
for illustration):

       blah blah blah
       blah blah blah
       blah blah blah
       foo bar baz 
       rama lama ding dong

the "foo bar baz rama lama ding dong" lines would display in every page
every page because they aren't in a section.  This might surprise a few
people, although I suppose it'd be pretty easy for an admin to detect 
and fix if/when it occurs.  But this is partially why I'm in favor of 
a directive syntax that might imply "start a new section to be output on 
every page" as opposed to "end the section being defined".


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