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Ciaran ciaranj
Wed Jul 28 02:00:43 CDT 2004

Thats a pretty cool utility, I see no reason why PmWiki wouldn't work
with that its currently only a demo but if you spoke with the
development team I imagine they'd be fairly easy to convince to
support PmWiki.  It just seems to need to have alist of wiki pages
provided, can't see why that'd be a problem.

As to whether it has a use as sitemap, I'm not entirely convinced,
sometimes you don't *want* to see everything on a site, Wiki's tend to
be very interconnected graphs and I (personally) think a true
rendering of this would be confusing as hell ;) But thats obviously
just me <g>
- ciaran

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004 08:49:13 +0200, Steffen Gl?ckselig
<steffen at gungfu.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> Since a Wiki could get quite hard to navigate, I wondered why nobody seems
> to think about (automatically) creating graphical sitemaps. It seems other
> wikis thought about that. See http://www.touchgraph.com/TGWB_101_SS.html
> as an example.
> TikiWiki seems to have had a sitemap powered by GraphViz
> (http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?GraphViz) but due to the size of the generated map
> that got abandoned.
> For smaller sites that would be quite helpful, though!?
> What are the thoughts of the listmembers on that?
> best regards
> Steffen
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