[pmwiki-users] Abc notation

taavi at taavi.org taavi at taavi.org
Sun Apr 2 19:10:48 CDT 2006


PmWiki take at this time care for nearly all my writing and other things
like that. So I started to wonder if it could take care for my musical
adventures too. I have been checking out lots of abc -notation and
MusicXML and Java-programs and applets and so on. And then I found out
that MoinMoin has plugin for abc -notation. And that looked to be just
what I was searching for. Great. But it's MoinMoin. I don't want MoinMoin.
I like my PmWiki for so many reasons that there's no room enough to tell
it. So I ask if there is someone in this bigbig world who has skills and
interest to make abc -notation going in PmWiki too. MoinMoins plugin looks
like this:

I've heard ruomours that phpwiki has something similar, but all I found
are really rumours:



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