[pmwiki-users] To disable html markup on publically-editable pages

Lucian Wischik lu.gmane at wischik.com
Sat Nov 18 12:01:26 CST 2006

The cookbook has a page about enabling html.
Someone asked how to have html in general, but disable it for
publically-editable pages. PM recently suggested ROSPatterns.
I came up with the following code, which seems to work.
Does it look correct, please?

if (!CondAuth($pagename,"admin"))
{ $ROSPatterns["/(:html:)/i"] = "";
  $ROSPatterns["/(:htmlend:)/i"] = "";

My idea is that if someone has admin privileges, then on any page they
work on, they should be allowed to use the (:html:)...(:htmlend:) markup.
Even on the publically-editable comments page. But as soon as someone
comes along without admin privileges and they edit a page, then their
use of (:html:)...(:htmlend:) is disabled. The worst they can do is remove
some markup that was put there by an administrator. They can't do anything
actually bad.

Do people agree that these ROSPatterns make (:html:)...(:htmlend:) safe?


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