[pmwiki-users] Divisions and nesting

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Wed Apr 11 13:41:51 CDT 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007, 7:13:38 PM, Patrick wrote:

> Now would be a really good
> time to bring it back up again.

> Essentially, the idea is to augment the >>...<< markup to
> correspond to the nested divs.  My original idea was to
> increase the number of >>'s to separate divs, thus:

>     >>...<<             (:div:)
>     >>>...<<<           (:div1:)
>     >>>>...<<<<         (:div2:)

> Feral's original proposal was to simply preface the brackets 
> with digits:

>     >>...<<             (:div:)
>     1>>...<<            (:div1:)
>     2>>...<<            (:div2:)

> I also proposed that digits could go on the inside of the brackets:

>     >>1 ...<<            (:div1:)
>     >>2 ...<<            (:div2:)

I like the first proposal best.

I don't like the second: numbers in front of >>...<<
Intuitively i would think the number is just a number outside the div.
It is also possible to start  a new div on the same text line.
And the >>...<< syntax has a "brackety" feel like normal directives,
and suggests arguments should be inside, not in front.

The third option may be okay as an alternative markup, if we have the
first one of increasing number of angle brackets.

And I assume we can mix the angle bracket divs with directive divs,
so if deep nesting levels are needed one can also use (:div1:) etc
inside >>>>...<<<< divs. Or use the numbers inside the >>...<<, as the
third proposal.

So I vote for both 1 and 3 together, but against 2.


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