[pmwiki-users] translation portal

Anno anno at shroomery.org
Tue May 29 23:56:24 CDT 2007

> The menu "Search" is written in the french wiki "Rechercher", but the 
> real wiki page is PmWikiFr.Recherche (without the trainling "r").
> This is not consistent. May I change the XLpage for "Recherche"? will 
> this change the wiki page?

No, it won't.

>  If I create a "Recherche" page, will it be 
> still linked?

I thought the "Recherche" page was already there?

> at present time, on the online wiki, there are two identical pages 
> PmWikiFr/Recherche and PmWikiFr/Search
> Q: how are the real pages linked with the translated sentences?

As far I understand it, the international pages that are translations of 
existing PmWIki documentation pages are supposed to have the same name 
as the existing PmWiki pages so PmWikiFr/Search (original page: 
PmWiki/Search) or PmWikiFr/DocumentationIndex (original page: 
The translated words and sentences don't have a connection to the page 
naming scheme.

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