[pmwiki-users] Wiki Forms not bringing "Date Opened" forward to Edit screen when Edit password is needed

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Wed Apr 2 10:31:32 CDT 2008

The "Issues" Group has an Edit password
I create a new Issue and press the "Submit" button.

Result: The "Date Opened" value is not passed on to the Edit box. Once the password has been entered,
any subsequent Issue entered passes the "Date Opened" through just fine.

<Issues.FormTemplate> reads:

This defines the layout of the [[issues]] form.

:Summary:*summary ("Describe issue"=50) +

:Type:type (Bug, Change, Addition, Question, Documentation, Test) +

:Raised by:raised (*author)

:Date opened:opened (*date) +

:Description:description (text)

:Importance:importance is the impact low or high? (1|1 - low;2;*3;4;5|5 - high) 0+

:Proposed solution:solution (text)

:Urgency:urgency do we need to solve this now or later? (1|1 - later;2;*3;4;5|5 - now) 1+

:Status:status (Open, Confirmed, Active, Suspended, Closed) +

:Resolution:resolution (text)

:Date closed:closed (date)


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