[pmwiki-users] index.php question

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Thu Apr 3 01:02:33 CDT 2008

>When you edit index.php is it suppose to make the exact same
>edit on pmwiki.php?? If not how to fix it.

See http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Installation at the bottom in the
question/answer as well as
If I'm understanding your question correctly it seems to imply that you've
got a copy of pmwiki.php placed in index.php.  This is not recommended.
Instead include pmwiki.php from within a wrapper index.php that you create
from scratch.  (Make sure there are no spaces before the opening <?php.)  To
clarify that, your index.php file will contain only a single line or 2 lines
with maybe 30-35 characters TOTAL in it.
So that resolves the issue of whether to make changes in both index.php and
pmwiki.php -- they should not have the same code so this should not be an

>Also if it is suppose to edit the pmwiki.php, how are we
>suppose to keep the existing data, just copy right back over after it is
This question seems to imply that changes are needed to pmwiki.php for a
given site.  Making changes to the actual source code in pmwiki.php should
be a *very* rare occurrence.  Just about anything imaginable in pmwiki can
be configured via setting configuration variables and including other php
recipes within local/config.php.
If in the very rare occurrence you do need to make a change to pmwiki.php
then updates in the future are going to be more complicated.  The change
would need to be clearly documented so that you can copy in the new version
and then make the same change again -- updates will no longer be a question
of simply copying in the new files but will be a more complicated process
due to having to keep the changes in the file.
You should really work hard to figure out how the same job might be done by
changes to config.php before considering making changes to pmwiki.php.  

I hope I've correctly understood your questions and this is of some help...
If you post back to the list with a more functional description of the
problem you're trying to solve then perhaps someone will be able to point
you to existing recipes that can be installed in the more standard approach
through changes to config.php rather than changes to pmwiki.php...


		Thank you in advance


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