[pmwiki-users] bug in uploads ?

Alain Castera alain.castera at in2p3.fr
Thu Apr 3 07:01:23 CDT 2008

Hi All.

First of all, a big thank's to those who respond my previous message about 
attachments : it helped a lot (too much ? ;-).

Now, I think I've found a bug - sorry, an undocumented feature - in 
uploads :

- assume you attached a file myfile.ext to a group Foo.

- you can refer to the file in the page Bar.Smurf by Attach:Foo/myfile.ext

- now create a page Bar.Foo

- The link in Bar.Smurf now refers to  Bar.Foo/myfile.ext - in 
fact, gives a link to upload myfile.ext in Bar.Foo if it doesn't exist! As 
long as the attachment are organized groupwise, it's quite unattended!

Where am I wrong. How can I avoid this behavior without worrying about 
each new page name !

Thank's in advance,
P.S. Pm-wiki v2.0.0-beta65

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