[pmwiki-users] Error encountered with upgrade to 2.2 beta 65

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Fri Apr 4 13:12:39 CDT 2008

Henrik wrote:
> Patrick,
> Thanks for pointing me to the specific module responsible for the 
> security, Patrick, and for the reality check.
> I am continuing to investigate alternate webserver hosts. 
> canadianwebhosting.com looks promising. 

I have used that host for several years, and am happy with them. Their 
support is quick and knowledgeable. Their price is excellent. We noticed 
a lot of downtime at one point, but things didn't get annoying enough 
for us to keep records.

I followed the standard "slightly more secure" pmwiki installation 
(change permissions, have pmwiki create wiki.d, tighten them up again). 
We have subdomains and cleanURLs. I didn't touch the unmask statement in 
pmwiki. I don't even think we have the block recipe going. So far, we 
haven't had any security problems.

At one time, they didn't allow the word "open" to be in a file. Pm 
helped me track down why my page wasn't saving and gave me a 
work-around. CWH fixed the real problem within a day.



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