[pmwiki-users] embedding iframe

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri Apr 4 17:19:52 CDT 2008

>> Is it possible to embed a google map in a pmwiki page? I don't want it to be
>> editable, which is I guess the main purpose of the Google API, this is just
>> a "MyMap" I made in google maps, and the html code google gives begins
>> <iframe width="425"  etc etc.
> Absolutely!

there are also two obvious methods, without changing anything on pmwiki:

* make a screen copy of the map: this is an image and can be uploaded 
at will... after all you wont edit it :-)

* make a simple copy of the empty wikipage (from your browser, not 
from pmwiki). You get a static html page you can change at will. If 
written then in the good place, it keeps all the wiki layout (as it 
uses the very css of the wiki). This is at first a bit tedious, but 
after the first try, it works. of course it's only a fake wiki page, 
but the map can be active


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