[pmwiki-users] How to feed MakePageList() with my own list of pages?

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Sat Apr 5 15:45:55 CDT 2008

> and I want (:pagelist:) to use the list I generated as it's starting
> point, not to filter results of ListPages() executed in the
> PageListSources() step of $PageListFilters - also because one of my
> main goals here is speed.

This is well out of the areas of pmwiki I've played in before, but couldn't
you just set $PageListFilters to the set of functions that works for you?
Save off the old values and reset them after your stuff has run if you want
to keep other (:pagelist:) stuff working as normal...

$OrigPageListFilters = $PageListFilters;
$PageListFilters = $OrigPageListFilters;

Again, I don't know enuf to know if this is workable or not, but it looks
like pagelist.php is set up fairly flexibly to allow this kind of thing...


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