[pmwiki-users] flyover title for anchor?

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Apr 7 06:40:33 CDT 2008

Trailing the web I discovered a css tooltip method which works also
in IE (I tested with Firefox and IE)

I created a new recipe for this:

A new markup with syntax [[target | text | tooltip text]]
will display popup tooltip text styled as one likes, in single or
multi-lines. It is also possible to use wiki styles inside the markup
(as one can do for the link text).

Note that the tooltip box pops up immediately, not with any delay as
is the case for standard tooltips which use the title attribute of
the anchor tag.

However, using Attach:image.jpg or http://pathtoimage/image.jpg as tooltip
text will not display the image as a hover-popup image.
I'll be interested if anyone has an idea how to make this work too.


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