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Red Rola hyperdry at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 10:07:10 CDT 2008

hi folks,

I am Red Rola, just onother individual that wants to start something and i
found PMWiki.  I downloaded the script and i found it very interesting and
has the potential to accomplish what i want to do.  However, i still lack
the basic understanding to enable the functionality that i really want and
so im asking for some assistance.

to give u an idea of what i want to achieve, kindly visit my original
website which i wanted to have the wiki functionality:
http://myphilippinetravel.com and my test PMWiki site which im trying to
configure with not much luck http://pmwiki.myphilippinetravel.com .

What i want to accomplish is to setup a Travel Website similar to
http://world66.com however, i wouldl only like to catalogue as many tourism
related establishment in my country.

What i want to achieve is a user-friendly site where visitors can add
categories (eg. Name of City/Province and type of Establishment).  And when
they add an establishment/page, they can use the drop-down menu to select
which City it is under and what type of establishment (eg, beach resort).
then they can add the text and upload photos.  the photos can be shown in a
gallery type inside the text.  the add pages form should have anti-spam

There will be two types of menu (or just one, if it could expand) - first
menu is to list the first category (city/province), second is to list the
second category (establishment type).

There should be a register link for visitors to create an account.  only
registered users can add or edit pages.

Please let me know what u think.


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