[pmwiki-users] PopUp from Search Results?

John Morris johnwmorris at peak.org
Mon Apr 7 23:07:23 CDT 2008

PopUp windows from Search Results?

I am running PmWiki version 2.2.37b on a linux server with the FixFlow skin.

I use the popwin function to control the size of recipe windows I popup on 
the following site:

The code I use to pop a window is:

*%popwin width=650 height=700 
menubar=1%[[CBF/AppleWalnutPancakes?action=popopen|Apple Walnut Pancakes]]

The searchbox limits are coded as follows:

(:searchbox group=CBF fmt=#simplename name=-RecentChanges :)

When I get the search results back they are in "camelcode" form which I 
would like to change but.... The part I really want to change is to make 
those links "popwin" window links also.  Right now they open as a normal 

Is there any relatively direct and simple way to accomplish what I want? 
This is all in a "play with it" state so changes are fairly easily made.  It 
is important to keep control of the recipe page size/format.

The side is a part of a farm and not a stand alone site.

John W Morris

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