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Thu Apr 10 13:54:18 CDT 2008

I'm working on a pmWiki that was not installed by myself and they are getting this error only on the search page:

Warning: Division by zero in /pmwiki.php on line 1058 (repeated 11 times)

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /pmwiki.php:1058) in /pmwiki.php on line 858

Note, full path info removed for privacy reasons.

All other pages work fine with no errors. I'm having trouble tracking down what would cause this and why it would be so specific to just this page. I looked at the "Site.AllRecentChanges" pages and there were no changes made to Site.Search, although this page does appear in the wiki.d directory, no just in wikilib.d

I also tried replacing the existing Site.Search page with the one from wikilib.d, but the error remained.

Any clues on where to look would be appreciated. Thanks so much...

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