[pmwiki-users] Security via PmWiki

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Sat Apr 12 14:32:16 CDT 2008

I've got a friend looking for recommendations for secure web forms.  He's
pretty concerned that the security be pretty high for his company.

My only experience in web stuff is PmWiki in the last few months.  I believe
what he's trying to do from a functional standpoint could be easily done
from within PmWiki, but I don't know if there are ways to tighten it up to
be a really secure environment.

Can it be set up to use https or some other way of up'ing security?  Are
wikis inherently less secure than other types of web technology?  Is PmWiki
in use in any environments that require significant security that I could
use as a recommendation for this guy?


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