[pmwiki-users] Workaround for fox form redirection problem

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Sun Apr 13 11:23:34 CDT 2008


To the extent that I understand Foxedit's model (which is barely) it  
seems that Foxedit's recent changes make it incompatible with my wiki  

My calling (which are usually also my target) pages conceptually look  
like this:

[ADD-A-LINE-LINK] === Section header === [EDIT-SECTION-LINK]
arbitrary text

The old Foxedit (that is, Fox with action=foxedit and Foxedit itself)  
allowed me to make both of the above links work in a way that focused  
the user's attention, as follows:

1) THE-ADD-A-LINE-LINK: leaves the calling page and goes to the edit  
form page. (If I knew how to make a modal pop up edit window, I would  
do it that way instead.)

2) THE-EDIT-SECTION-LINK: uses foxedit's section editing to provide a  
separate-page window into a section, so that the user is only editing  
the section. The section's lines might contain anything arbitrary,  
including PTVs.

Some problems that now arise:

a) In the new version, my forms can not provide error recovery - a  
second chance to enter input - since the form and its calling page are  
not co-visibile. (Actually, this didn't work in the old version  
either: that's why I had asked for a workaround. But apparently, it's  
not intended to work.)

b) I was using the default edit section form as an error message  
rather than for a form, since users could leave whatever form they  
were on accidently (for example via a link to change the group while  
keeping the pagename and action the same). The default "form", which  
always seems to appear when that happened, told them to press the  
browser's back button - it's kludgy, but it worked. Thus I need to  
specify a section edit form different from and in addition to the  
default. It's the best I can do given that PmWiki has no modal popup  
form capability.

c) You mention referring to anchored sections as PTVs. Does that mean  
I should not (or cannot) continue to use section editing for non-PTV  
text? Perhaps the section edit functionality is not intended for  
arbitrary text? Surely I misunderstand you.

In summary, it would be a shame if I can no longer use Foxedit with my  
design, but I'll understand if my design is not what Foxedit is meant  
to do. If it's not, any suggestions on other recipes to accomplish  
what I want would be appreciated.

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