[pmwiki-users] ADOdb and Database Standard

Julius Thyssen jultus at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 03:44:58 CDT 2008


trying to get Database Standard working. (for SelectQuery, which I
need to link in UpdateForm)
The adodb_connect contains some comments and uncommented stuff, but it
is unclear where what should go or leave that file.
Each time I try to install ADOdb and adodb_connect, I get errors
saying that the username is an invalid hostname;

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]:
Unknown MySQL Server Host 'my_db_username' (1) in
/home/WWW/pmwiki/cookbook/adodb/drivers/adodb-mysql.inc.php on line 365

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
/home/WWW/pmwiki/cookbook/adodb-connect.php on line 94

I've installed adodb498.zip, the latest SelectQuery and have it all in
the right locations, as far as I know. This is in my local/config.php

$Databases['tralala'] = array(
 'driver' => 'mysql',
 'hostname' => 'dbhost.nl',
 'database' => 'hallo',
 'username' => 'my_db_username',
 'password' => 'something');

include_once "$FarmD/cookbook/adodb-connect.php";
$SelectQuerySettings['database'] = 'tralala';

So, what is going wrong where? I've checked that driver file from
adodb on the line mentioned, but everything seems OK. It uses
variables, but probably somewhere the get mixed up. I don't know where
or how though. Does ADOdb require its own config, after just unpacking
it in the cookbook? How does it put the username I defined instead of

Any help appreciated,


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