[pmwiki-users] Shopping Cart recipe?

marcus prima at wordit.com
Tue Apr 15 10:27:32 CDT 2008

Is there a working shopping cart recipe?

I have tried ZAPCart and it doesn't fully work anymore with 
2.2.0-beta65. It's the actual "zapcart item" function which is broken.
It appears ZAP is now unmaintained?

If there is none, I've been considering how to write a really simple 
order page without a cart. I've used OSCommerce for years and I'd like 
to try something simpler without an RDBMS -- enter pmwiki.

Is there documentation on how I can store and read from another wiki 
page? Then I could just edit and store items in one page, and read them 
in. Orders could be stored similarly. I'm looking to have all items 
listed in a single form on one page, then generate Paypal and Google 
Checkout, and Bank Transfer buttons.



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