[pmwiki-users] Shopping Cart recipe?

marcus prima at wordit.com
Tue Apr 15 14:30:32 CDT 2008

edwin marte wrote:
> You should have a look to
> http://pmwiki.com/wiki/Cookbook/ShoppingCartProposal

Thanks I had looked at those proposals. It seems Zapcart was the only 
practical result of the discussion? Even though it worked, Zap is now 
abandoned, right?

A simple order page and checkout buttons would achieve the basic goal 
without too much complexity. It would also be fairly straightforward to 
tally the weight of selected items or use a flat per item, or per 
shipment, charge for shipping.

I could do this in Perl, but would need a while to write it in PHP. 
However the main obstacle is knowing how pmwiki works. I have been 
pondering whether to create a standalone script which could be called by 
a pmwiki form and store data in separate files. The good part would that 
it would not be affected by code changes to pmwiki in the future and 
could work work with other apps too. The downside is that it does not 
integrate as nicely with pmwiki.


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