[pmwiki-users] LinkCSSToolTip + Pagelist by Title takes long to parse...

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Wed Apr 16 09:15:41 CDT 2008

Thanks to the recent LinkCSSToolTip recipe by Hans I'm now able to
stick a thin line of letters to the top of the page, inside the header
part of the skin, and use it to navigate within the site with only a
single click. It's quite handy.

The basic syntax I used is
[[http://www.example.com/ | A |: (:pagelist list=normal group=MyGroup
fmt=#title order=title $Title=A*:) :]]
for all pages in a certain group starting with A, and so on.
An example of the "menu" is here

Very smart, it would seem, but I run into a problem: I need to select
pages by *title* (not name of the page), and it seems that the
pagelist function takes 10 to 20 seconds to parse those 150 pages in
the group, which is far too long as it happens at *every* page load.
Actually, there are not thousands of pages. Nevertheless I noted a
sheer increase in page loading time.

Is there any way to circumvent such an issue?


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