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Alastair Jones al at kbanalytics.co.uk
Wed Apr 16 09:39:05 CDT 2008



I posted before and didn't get a reply, but noticed that I didn't include a
subject line. I have been trying my hardest to solve the problem, but to no
avail, so now I am posting again.


I am trying to get notification functionality to work, to no avail.  The web
server is running windows. I think that the problem is to do with smtp
authentication. I found this tutorial:


and replaced the necessary code. This uses Pear, by the way.


Now, it's a long while since I used PHP, but whenever there is an error in
the code, I see a blank html page (no error reporting). Is there a way to
turn on some error reporting. I've tried:


to no avail.


The pear code uses  a require_once "Mail.php" line - this causes a blank
screen. As far as I can tell pear is installed and on the include path.

Attempting to run the remainder of the pear code, it seems to throw an
exception, judging by some debug print messages I have included either side.
Although I would have expected a blank screen if the pear library wasn't


It would really help to get some diagnostics. If anyone can give me a few
pointers on any of the above then that would be much appreciated.




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