[pmwiki-users] WikiSh Shopping Cart recipe

marcus prima at wordit.com
Wed Apr 16 17:38:47 CDT 2008

Peter & Melodye Bowers wrote:
> Session ID provided.  Again, let me know if that was not what you were looking for.
I guess any unique page number will do. So just using the counter method 
you showed below added to Shop.Order-XXX will do. That way no two 
visitors should get the same page, right? Or am I forgeting something?

> Order storage & editing is basically a combination of the Items page with the new ability to edit it and some of the other features already there.

Thanks, that's already a good start to this. Order editing is quite 

> Status tracking and invoices - not sure what exactly you have in mind here.

People like to see the status of their order. A new order would have 
status "Awaiting payment", then "Processing", "Dispatched".

Invoices: It would be good to offer PDF invoices, even if they are just 
generated by admins and then emailed, due to security. If an invoice 
page can be generated, then a PDF pmwiki plugin will just convert the page.

> The difficulty of storing it in the session is that it's only available on that machine...

Because of cookies, you mean? Yes that's true from what I know. In that 
case, sessions are not the solution. Unique IDs should be fine.

> You might want to figure out some "proof of concept" implementations on the security issue before you spend a lot more time just in case the security just isn't
> there...

Yes, good idea. I just created a movie fan site with pmwiki and spent 
40% of the time figuring out how to make it accessible and secure. But 
evetually there was a solution. I hope with WikiSh too.


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