[pmwiki-users] Utility links, Fox forms, and PmForms

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Thu Apr 17 07:17:23 CDT 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008, 10:58:29 AM, Hans wrote:

> But if you want a form in a popup window, install
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PopupWindow

> and put a link in your sidebar or wherever, like

> %popwin%[[Site.PopupForm|Add Note]]

> which will call page Site.PopupForm as a popup window.

I just realise that popupwindow.php does not open a page as popup
when the link is in the SideBar, because the javascriopt is not
loaded then.

You need to modify the script so $HTMLHeaderFmt['popwin']
is defined not in function PopupWindow (where it is now), but outside
the function, i.e. before or after.

This means the javascript is loaded for all pages, regardless if a
page contains a %popwin% markup.

I tried to avoid this by including it in the markup function, but
then it breaks if the markup is just in a SideBar  or other subpage.


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