[pmwiki-users] Utility links, Fox forms, and PmForms

Randy Brown randy at brownragfilms.com
Thu Apr 17 11:14:01 CDT 2008


I'm glad to see your improvements to Popup Window. I never tried that  
recipe before because it requires users to enable javascript (which I  
try to avoid) and because the documentation doesn't tell me which  
options work in all browsers - only that some don't. I just tried it  

Alas, the old Fox recipe used to allow me to make a much more user- 
friendly interface. The Popup Window recipe isn't as functional as  
what I had before because:

1) the submit and cancel buttons don't close the popup window. Before,  
Fox returned the user to the current page after the user pressed  
submit or cancel. In fact, the current page was automatically  
refreshed - which is important if it was the target of the addition.

2) the popup is a hybrid between a full page and a form window; as  
such, page components such as the "Page last modified on..." footer  
are confusing. I imagine there is a way to fix this using CSS, but I  
don't know how to do that. Before the form didn't attempt to be  
anything other than a page, and so nothing was confusing.

3) Left=center and Top=center didn't work in my (Safari) browser. If  
the window pops up far away on a large screen the user may not even  
notice it. Even if it's noticed, the user won't want to move the  
cursor all the way across the screen and then back when done. Before  
the user entered the input right where he or she was working.

I think Popup Window someday might be a good solution, if it ever  
solves the problems I've noted above.

I assume you use it yourself. How do you deal with these problems?  
Maybe it's more usable than I realize.


On Apr 17, 2008, at 8:13 AM, Hans wrote:
> Popup links can be created in any page and SideBar and other subpages.
> http://www.pmwiki.org/pmwiki/uploads/Cookbook/popupwindow.php

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