[pmwiki-users] custom markup q.

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Sun Apr 20 15:45:49 CDT 2008

> I'v got a problem with a custom markup. It renders the function 
> ("MakeCont....) instead of executing it it:
> Rule:
> Markup('contentbox', '<split',
>     '/\\(:contentbox\\s+(.*?)\\s*:\\)(.*?)\\(:contentboxend:\\)/s',
>   "MakeContentbox(\$pagename, ParseArgs(PSS('$1')))");

I think you need a /e instead of a /s on your 3rd argument to Markup() in
order to make it evaluate the PHP expression.

Also I'm thinking you are going to need to include the $2 as an additional
argument to your MakeContentbox() rather than just using it within
MakeContentbox and assuming it will somehow be available.  


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