[pmwiki-users] quicktime embed issues

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Mon Apr 21 19:50:00 CDT 2008

solved half of this quicktime issue:

the example on the quicktime page worked:
(:quicktime Attach:myfile.ext arg1=someting arg2=something:)

but when i tried to add in an external URL, this didn't:
(:quicktime Attach:http://www.externalwebsite.com/myfile.ext  
arg1=someting arg2=something:)

after looking around in the recipe code, realized that the 'Attach:'  
is not necessary, and in fact the code treats the input differently  
depending on whether it sees an 'Attach:' first 'http' -- so THIS works:

(:quicktime http://www.externalwebsite.com/myfile.ext arg1=someting  

i added a little note & example to clarify on the quicktime page...

however, my other question below, regarding pumping some default  
variables into this recipe, still stands... as do the other questions  
in the other emails.


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> Hi,
> i'm finding that while using the quicktime recipe, the whole video
> image (with controller included) will only display correctly if i
> include scale=aspect
> ex:
> // video is chopped, and no controller is shown (probably there, but
> just being chopped off)
> (:quicktime Attach:testmovieblah1.mov autoplay=false controller=true:)
> // video looks fine - although in safari & IE it's indented (in
> firefox it's aligned-left like i want)
> (:quicktime Attach:testmovieblah1.mov autoplay=false scale=aspect
> controller=true:)
> so, my questions:
> 1. is there a way to set up some default variables for the quicktime
> recipe? for instance, if this chopping effect is a QT-plugin problem,
> then i would like it if any video that is put on the page
> automatically includes the 'scale=aspect' arg in the code, unless
> supplied by the user to be something else... is it possible to do
> this, to set these defaults? i'm thinking it would be nice for the
> casual user/visitor/embedder to not have to deal with these  
> problems...
> 2. is the indentation in safari & IE a browser/QT-issue, or a recipe-
> issue?
> thanks!
> adam
> . . .
> a at plus1plus1plus.org
> 661 373 8679
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