[pmwiki-users] summing variables

posti at taavi.org posti at taavi.org
Wed Apr 23 04:18:21 CDT 2008

> WikiSh has this capability using a syntax like {$:var${counter}} to work
> with "pseudo-arrays".  If you think you would be interested in this I can
> code it up for you and put it out on the WikiShExamples page.
> It would look *something* like this:
> ===(snip)===
> Set i = 1
> Set --pv total = 0
> While test ${i} -le 35
> Do
>    set --pv total += {$:var${counter}}
> Done
> ===(snip)===
> That would be placed in a page somewhere (Mygroup.Totalcode, for instance)
> and then run from your page via {earlymx(wikish source
> Mygroup.Totalcode)}.
> Then you could access the variable as {$total} elsewhere within your page.
> No guarantees on this - I haven't actually run it and so I might have
> typos
> causing syntax problems or something.
> This is a case where WikiSh works just fine entirely in "read-only" mode
> which is the default.
> -Peter

This looks like what I'm looking for. It would be very kind from you to
code it up. I see I should go for studying using wikish recipe. My
commandline knowlegde  is also veryvery bssics as my php knowledge isn't
even that. This recipe looks very useful.


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