[pmwiki-users] Indenting an entire table to line up with text.

Ingersoll, Nelson Nelson.Ingersoll at atmel.com
Wed Apr 23 17:49:19 CDT 2008

   I am trying to figure out how to indent a table.  The indentation requirement is simple enough.  I want the table to align with an existing indent.  Take this example PmWiki snippet:

**(:toggle div=aaa init=hide lshow='AAAA' lhide='AAAA':)
(:div1 id=aaa:)
(:table border=1 cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0:)
(:cell:) '''System'''
(:cell:) '''Contact'''
(:cell:) '''Email'''
(:cell:) '''Phone'''
(:cellnr:) BLEH
(:cell:) John Doe
(:cell:) john.doe at heynow.com
(:cellnr:) HELB
(:cell:) Nelson Niceguy
(:cell:) nelson's not here anymore
(:cell:) 111-222-4444
(:cellnr:) REALLY
(:cell:) Mr. Splashy Pants
(:cell:) splashy.pants@ whales.xxx
(:cell:) 112-123-4567

The table is hidden under the 'AAAA' toggle-link.  When I toggle the entry open I would like for the table to align with the '**' indentation.  Ideally the indentation might follow along the same rules as a '*', '**', '***' indentation.  Is there a way to do this?  Thank you for your help.

- Nelson  <-- banged head as a young programmer.

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