[pmwiki-users] Nested IF

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Thu Apr 24 08:24:43 CDT 2008

I don't know how often people have need for a nested conditional, but I've
put together a recipe that supports it.  You can find it here:


It uses markup in this form:

(:n-if true:)it is true(:n-if false:)it is false(:n-else:)it is not
false(:n-ifend:)(:n-else:)it is not true(:n-ifend:)

Or, placed on multiple lines and formatted for easier reading:

(:n-if true:)
   it is true
   (:n-if false:)
      it is false
      it is not false
   it is not true

All conditions are identical to the existing (:if ...:) conditions - same
code is used, so any extensions you've made should also work.

This is probably obvious, but just to be sure... Note that (:n-if:) does NOT
end the previous if-block as (:if:) does in normal pmwiki conditionals.

The "n-" prefix to each of the if, else, ifend can actually be several
different things:

n (:nif ...:)
n- (:n-if ...:)
nest (:nestif ...:)
nest- (:nest-if ...:)
nested (:nestedif ...:)
nested- (:nested-if ...:)

(I've illustrated each with the if, but the same prefixes can be affixed to
the "else" or the "ifend".)

Hope this helps.


PS I don't think much of the way this looks in terms of being understandable
and intuitive.  (That's why I've offered so many alternatives - in hopes of
finding one that looks right.)  If somebody has a better idea on the markup
I'd be all ears...  The recipe could actually over-ride the existing (:if
...:) markup, but then most existing conditionals would have to be altered
and existing sites would be unable to use it.

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